University Advisory Council

University Advisory Council 

Serves as a vital link between the University of Arizona's leadership and its community, fostering dialogue on matters affecting the campus.


The University Advisory Council (UAC) provides a forum for the University President and the President’s leadership team to consult with the faculty, staff and students regarding matters of general concern to the University of Arizona community. It serves as a formal channel for communication between the President and University faculty, staff and students to enhance and promote the University’s excellence.

The UAC offers guidance to the President on matters of significance to the University, particularly when subjects of great urgency or delicacy require immediate consultation regarding the welfare and effectiveness of the University.

The UAC offers guidance to the President to improve the quality and reputation of the University, including how to support efforts by the faculty, staff and students, and evaluating changes to enhance the functioning of the University in its central missions of teaching, research and service.

Duties and Responsibilities

The UAC will contribute its collective expertise to university-wide issues by:

  • Meeting with the President and high-level administrators on a regular basis.
  • Preparing recommendations on issues of importance to the University.
  • Monitoring and advising on major change efforts at the University.
  • Guidance on significant matters initiated by the President.


  • Members are appointed by the University President with advice and nominations from staff, faculty and leaders from across the University.
  • Members include students, non-faculty staff and faculty as well as deans and other administrators.
  • The University Advisory Council comprises forward-looking colleagues focused on solving problems and providing the President with frank and productive guidance to advance the University of Arizona.

Inaugural Members


David W. Hahn

Craig M. Berge Dean, College of Engineering | Professor and Eminent Scholar Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Department Heads


Tessa Dysart

Assistant Director of Legal Writing & Clinical Professor of Law and Secretary of the Faculty Senate

Dr. Lucinda (Cindy) Rankin

Associate Professor (Educator Scholar Track), Department of Physiology, College of Medicine Tucson and Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee

Dr. Caleb Simmons

Professor of Religious Studies, Faculty Senator and Executive Director of Online Education


Dr. Amanda Kraus

AVP Campus Life & Exec. Director for Disability Resources and Chief Accessibility Officer

Aaron Davis Martinez

Associate Director, Blue Chip Leadership Experience, Co-Chair, LatinX Faculty & Staff Association, Student Engagement & Career Development

Christina Rocha

Manager, Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center and Staff Council Representative to Faculty Senate


Jeremy Bernick

Student, Graduate and Professional Student Council President

Alyssa Sanchez

Student, Associated Students of the University of Arizona President