Administrative Directive on Wildcat WellCheck Usage

Aug. 24, 2020



Employees and Students Must Use the Wildcat WellCheck program:

Employees, students and designated campus colleagues are required to perform a daily wellness check via the Wildcat WellCheck program each day before they are on a University of Arizona campus or begin campus-based activities.

The program asks individuals to take their temperature and assess potential symptoms of COVID-19, to help protect the health of the campus community.

Self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms is an important part of the University of Arizona’s “Test, Trace, Treat” (T3) safe campus strategy. Wildcat WellCheck is the official, mandatory wellness screening program that was developed in alignment with Centers for Disease Control guidance to reduce COVID-19 related exposures among employees and students at the University of Arizona.

Sign up for the program at the following link:

Wildcat WellCheck