2019-20 Tuition and Fee Proposals update

July 11, 2019

To: Arizona Board of Regents
From: UA President Robert C. Robbins
Date: July 8, 2019

Subject: August 2019 Tuition and Mandatory Fee Proposals

The University of Arizona seeks approval for changes to two existing tuition rates for programs previously approved by the Board, and the establishment of a tuition rate for one new program, as specified under Board policy:

  1. The UA requests approval to change the base tuition rate for the Online Masters of Business Administration from $1,100 per unit to $1,145 per unit. The new rate more closely approximates the cost students pay for the MBA degree when attending the Evening & Weekend program, eliminating cost as a factor when determining which program modality is most suitable to an individual student’s learning style or preference, and covering rising program costs.
  2. The UA requests approval to change the base tuition rate for the Distance Campus Masters of Science in Engineering Management and the Distance Campus Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from $812 per unit to $1,000 per unit, and eliminate the current $188 program fee. This change results in no net increase to students enrolled in the program, is more understandable to students, and allows for employer reimbursement in cases where tuition is covered but additional fees are not.
  3. The UA requests approval to charge a base tuition rate for the Online Masters of Entrepreneurship of $1,000 per unit. The University has completed the necessary curriculum planning and course design for this degree, which is prepared for launch in Fall 2019.

As is the practice with students enrolled in the Online Campus and the Distance Campus, students will pay no additional fees beyond the base tuition rate, with the exception of the Arizona Financial Aid Trust fee, as mandated by Board policy.

I appreciate the flexibility of the Board and Staff in assisting the UA in addressing these issues outside of the normal tuition-and-fee-setting cycle. Not only does this allow us to move the high-demand Masters in Entrepreneurship program to market more quickly, but it also makes changes to existing tuition rates in ways designed to serve students more effectively. I will be happy to address any questions, issues, or concerns about these requests at any time.