Title IX and the UA Community

Sept. 22, 2017

To the UA Community:

Today the U.S. Department of Education announced changes in federal guidance, offering colleges and universities greater discretion in how they address sexual harassment and sexual violence under Title IX.1 

The federal guidance has changed. The University of Arizona’s commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all members of our community has stayed the same and is as strong as ever. Sexual misconduct and all other forms of discriminatory harassment violate our community values as articulated in the University’s Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy and Student Code of Conduct.

The University has implemented policies, protocols, and education programs to prevent sexual violence and effectively respond when it occurs. Those efforts will continue.

I want all members of our community to know where to turn if they have a concern, need assistance or support, or would like to file a complaint. A comprehensive set of Title IX resources, including information about reporting options, is available at titleix.arizona.edu.

Robert C. Robbins
The University of Arizona 

1 Title IX is the federal law that prohibits discrimination and harassment of students and employees based on sex. Title IX’s protections include prohibitions against sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence, including stalking, and relationship violence.