Statement from University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart regarding FY16 Budget



March 7, 2015


I am deeply disappointed with the size of the cuts to higher education in the budget just passed by the Arizona Legislature. All of us at the UA believe universities are a major economic driver for our state and are critical to our future. The innovations and human talent generated by our great universities have shaped and will continue to shape the solutions to grand challenges faced by all of us. These cuts will have devastating effects on the University of Arizona, but we will continue to strive for excellence and serve the students who are at the heart of that future.

While the reductions in state support will require tremendous sacrifice and change, we appreciate the hard work of our elected officials—as well as the tremendous support from our alumni and the business community—and hope that we can work together on a long-term plan for stable funding that includes a strong role for higher education in Arizona.