Statement from President Ann Weaver Hart on Approval of Arizona Budget



May 6, 2017

The University of Arizona and our constituents are grateful to Governor Doug Ducey and our state legislators for their commitment to the future vitality of Arizona and its public universities.

By approving funding for current and future university facilities, the governor and the legislature are giving a big vote of confidence in the future of the state. Not only will we now be able to make repairs and renovations deferred for years and avert millions of dollars in accumulating disrepair, we will also make critical investments in the research infrastructure needed to secure Arizona's competitive advantage in a global economy.

The research needed for our future will not happen in the buildings designed for the knowledge creation and technology transfer of 60 years ago. The facilities under development at UA campuses throughout Arizona not only feature classrooms connected across the globe, they house laboratories that invent, simulate, and test ideas critical to our future and medical innovations that will shape our health. They also serve as the foundries in which the tools needed in the future are forged. We will explore the deepest reaches of space and shape high-value jobs back on Earth.

On behalf of the University of Arizona, I applaud the visionary thinking of Governor Ducey and the legislature in supporting the innovative research and deferred maintenance fund that will be supported by our long-range bonding capability that is now made possible. It will defuse a deferred maintenance crisis while simultaneously providing for an amazing future for Arizona citizens built on the intellect and technical innovations that will drive the vibrant economy and exceptional quality of life we desire for all of the state's citizens.

Ann Weaver Hart
The University of Arizona


Statement from President Ann Weaver Hart on Approval of Arizona Budget [PDF]