Spring Fling 2015



TO: UA Campus Community
FROM: Ann Weaver Hart, UA President, and Isaac Ortega, ASUA President
DATE: November 18, 2014
SUBJECT: Spring Fling 2015


A 41-year tradition, Spring Fling is the primary fundraiser for the 500+ University of Arizona clubs that make student life here so diverse and vibrant. The event offers rides, games, food, and family fun to UA students and the Tucson community. Last year, Spring Fling returned to the UA campus, nearly doubling attendance numbers and drastically increasing fundraising dollars while reducing the number of days for the event.

With that great success last year, Spring Fling will be on campus again this year beginning on April 10, 2015. The relocation back to campus adds to the 41 years of tradition of Spring Fling, and the atmosphere on campus is unbeatable. Our student leaders, partners, and volunteers work hard to make this a memorable, safe, and fun event. We encourage you to come out and enjoy Spring Fling as a wonderful part of the Arizona Experience. 

Should you have any questions about Spring Fling, please contact the ASUA at (520) 621-2782 or visit the official Spring Fling website: http://springfling.arizona.edu/.

Spring Fling on the University of Arizona campus: there’s nothing else like it!