Global, Online, and Extended Campus Initiatives

FROM:  Ann Weaver Hart, President
Andrew C. Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
TO:  Campus Community
RE:  Global, Online, and Extended Campus Initiatives





Our strategic plan calls for increased attention on enrollment growth and expanded global initiatives. To enhance the emphasis in these key areas, we are pleased to announce the following organizational changes.

Effective immediately, Melissa Vito will assume responsibility for the online, evening and weekend, and distributed live/hybrid educational offerings currently handled by the Outreach College and by UA Sierra Vista.  Learning Centers affiliated with either UA or UA Sierra Vista in Douglas, Nogales, Yuma, Casa Grande and Chandler, or in Pima County at the UA Tech Park or other community college campuses will also move under Melissa’s direction as part of our enrollment plan. Melissa will dually serve both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs under this change with the titles of Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives & Student Success, and Senior Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

The change also enables Mike Proctor to continue to build and restructure the Office of Global Initiatives, with the goal of positioning the UA as a preferred destination for international scholars and students, and as an essential partner for international research and engagement.  In particular, we have asked Mike to continue to develop the innovative programs which have been the hallmark of his units’ work.  As a part of his new role as Vice President for Global Initiatives, Mike will continue to advance our various non-credit and professional development offerings as a key part of our global portfolio.  As a result of this new strategic emphasis and leadership, both units will be working very closely together to advance our extended campus initiatives locally and globally.

Departments operating under the Outreach College’s historic revenue model will continue to do so until new financial models are developed as a part of the RCM process.  In addition, given various system issues related to registration and payment, transition of these functions will take place over the coming months to ensure continuity and consistency.  Students and faculty will continue to work through existing Outreach College contacts until further changes can be effectively implemented and announced.  Melissa will immediately assume responsibility for pricing and new program development with regard to the UA’s off-campus live and online offerings.