Commitment to Respect and Equity



TO: UA Campus Community
FROM: Ann Weaver Hart, President
Lynn Nadel, Chair of the Faculty
Sarah Netherton, President, GPSC
Manuel Felix, President, ASUA
DATE: Friday, November 13, 2015
SUBJECT: Commitment to respect and equity


Recent events at the University of Missouri and at other colleges and universities across the United States remind us that we can never take our freedoms or each other for granted. They also remind us that we should not assume we know what others’ experiences are or have been and that we need to listen with an open mind when assessing the climate of respect and equity on our own campus.

At the University of Arizona, we value each and every individual, whether student, faculty, staff, alumnus/a or visitor. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination against any member of our community. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the freedoms from discrimination on which we rely. This commitment is a fundamental part of our culture of engagement, partnership and mutual support that transcends traditional definitions, categories and boundaries. It is not a license to censorship nor a denial of academic and other freedoms, but it is an insistence upon respect for the wide range of perspectives and experiences reflected in our multicultural environment.

We realize this commitment does not free us from constantly working to improve. The quality of our understanding of, and response to, the needs of our community and those whom we serve depends upon our ongoing ability to learn and change in order to maintain our culture and the qualities to which we are all committed. 

We, as representatives of the university, faculty and undergraduate, graduate and professional students, affirm our commitment to these freedoms and our commitment to constant improvement. In the spirit of that commitment, we pledge to use these recent painful events at other institutions as an impetus for ongoing change and more dialogue here at home.