2015 Statement in Response to Governor’s Budget



TO: UA Campus Community
FROM: President Ann Weaver Hart
DATE: January 16, 2015
SUBJECT: 2015 Statement in Response to Governor's Budget


Below is the statement I issued to the media today in response to the budget proposal released by Gov. Doug Ducey. The University’s leadership will analyze the proposal and determine impacts and we will remain in contact with the campus community as we go forward.

Governor Ducey has a difficult job before him. Given the slow pace of the economic recovery in Arizona and increased needs, Arizona faces more years of financial constraints. 

The University of Arizona is part of the solution. We are educating our students for the next generation of jobs, some of which do not exist today, and our research is helping to build a varied and vital economy for Arizona.

We will be taking the next several days to determine what we would have to do to meet the governor’s budget and what we would recommend. Whatever we do we will focus on decisions that advance the University of Arizona’s core mission and qualities to maximize the benefit to the state of Arizona. We will reduce peripheral activities and protect our core, paying particular attention to academic quality and student services. We will move with even greater energy to develop partnerships like the pending Banner Health relationship, more activities under the auspices of Tech Launch Arizona, more business and industry partnerships, and increased philanthropy.

These tough decisions will not be easy, but it is not easy for anyone. We all understand and appreciate that these tough decisions cannot be without consequences. All Arizonans will need to have serious discussions about what the long-term structural solutions look like. This will alter our course and reduce the field of liberty in which we make decisions about the future structure and operations of the University of Arizona. In short, we will be reshaping the future for outcomes — not just expenditures — as we will not conduct business as usual.