January 2015

January 28, 2015

When I was a full-time faculty member, one of my favorite ways to break the ice with my students was to ask “why are you here?” 

Students’ answers often included having an interest in the subject matter (usually a good thing), the course being a requirement for their professional credential or because a colleague recommended it, but there were always at least one or two students who also talked about the importance of the material and the degree it would lead to for their future career success. The response would make some cringe because we might see an apparent tension between understanding college education as a path to career readiness and as a form of learning valuable in its own right. Yet, these goals do not have to be opposed to one another, and one of the reasons I asked the question then and why it remains important today is that as the meaning of a college degree has changed throughout the history of higher education, the relationship between learning as a...




January 01, 2015