April 2014

April 17, 2014

In January of this year, I had the distinct honor of travelling to Oman and the United Arab Emirates to meet with government and academic leaders, as well as UA alumni and friends. The trip gave me a new appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and intellectual traditions of the region and reminded me once again of the amazing potential that higher education and research can unlock in the everyday lives of people around the world.  In addition, I saw firsthand the impact that our alumni have around the world with senior positions in government, industry and education. 

I saw this same promise in my recent trip to Chile to meet with UA scientists and our partners in the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization. When completed, the GMT will be the largest and most optically sensitive telescope in the world—and from its remote location in the Andes it will open a new window on the universe. As you may know, UA scientists have played a critical role in the project from...