About the University

As a public research university serving the diverse citizens of Arizona and beyond, the mission of the University of Arizona is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that engages our students in discovery through research and broad-based scholarship. We aim to empower our graduates to be leaders in solving complex societal problems. Whether in teaching, research, outreach or student engagement, access and quality are the defining attributes of the University of Arizona’s mission.

Bold History that Fuels the Future

It was a bold move in 1885 to start a university in the middle of the desert. UA faculty and students have been on the cutting edge ever since.

Research that Improves the Human Condition

From planetary science to medicine to the arts, UA research is changing the world. Being ranked #16 by the National Science Foundation doesn’t just make us great; it creates great opportunities for students. Our researchers teach. Students work alongside world-class professors to discover new knowledge and launch their own careers.

Prestigious Faculty

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, members of esteemed national academies and world-renowned experts in dozens of disciplines, our faculty brings international attention to the University, and puts us in the ranks of the top public universities in the nation.

Enviable Academics

The UA is a diverse and talented community. From astronomy to communication to entrepreneurship, our programs and our people are among the best in the country. We offer a rich and rewarding educational experience to all who choose to focus on excellence.

Outreach to the Community and the World

As the state’s land grant university, we honor our three-fold commitment to education, research and community service. UA faculty and students share their knowledge, their time and their resources throughout the state and around the world.

Economic Impact That Benefits All

The UA generates more than $625 million in research. Together, the University of Arizona, the UA Tech Park and UA Health Network infuse billions of dollars into the state economy each year. We reach every Arizona county and five tribal reservations, supporting one out of every 93 jobs in the state.